Our primary goal is inclusion by design – we bring people into the planning process.

HUBERT MORGAN, Founder and Principal

Hubert Morgan, Principal, Stanhope Consulting
Hubert Morgan, Founder and Principal

Hubert Morgan has more than 40 years of experience in regional and long-range planning.

He started working at the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission (NIPC) in 1976 and left the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) in 2009.

Hubert is recognized throughout the Chicago and northwest Indiana regions for managing the NIPC national award winning 2040 Regional Framework Plan. More recently, Hubert coordinated the public outreach for the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission’s national award winning 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan.

Concentrating on civic democracy, his passion is public participation. Hubert specializes in reaching out to all demographics, especially those that have been historically underrepresented or disenfranchised in traditional planning processes. Hubert’s primary objective is to ensure that everyone affected is involved throughout the planning process. To this end, he designs strategies that help communities develop their positions and articulate their concerns in the planning process.

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La'Kisha Girder

La’Kisha has over ten years of expertise in transportation planning, project management, environmental justice, grant writing, land use planning and zoning, historic preservation and economic development. She has over six years of experience writing and revising comprehensive and strategic plans, and her prior work experience includes the City of Gary, Indiana and the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission. La’Kisha is also a member of the American Planning Association, Women in Planning + Development Chicago, and the Calumet Heritage Partnership.